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Technology in the automotive industry has been evolving at a rapid pace seeing a noticeable improvement to consumer vehicles, but how has the next step in automotive technology improved the driving experience for commercial goods vehicles.

Manufacturers from Volvo to Mercedes are now rolling out commercial vehicles with a host of brand new technology aimed at assisting the driver to make driving a more safer and comfortable process. HGV Truck drivers can be on the road for multiple hours everyday and that is why there is such stringent legislation to restrict the number of consecutive hours you can drive on the road to enforce road safety.

Now there is not just legislation to make driving a truck a safer, but there are safety systems installed in new trucks to prevent truck drivers from driving beyond their legal hours such as, Mercedes ‘Attention Assist’ which shows the driver an on screen alert in their dashboard when the systems identifies a drop in alertness of the driver.

Not many people realise while on the road that the breaking distance for a truck is much further than a car and if there is not a sufficient gap between the truck and the vehicle in front, there could potentially be a fatal incident if there is a need for an emergency stop. Now with Mercedes ‘Active Brake Assist’, trucks with heavy loads are intelligently able to scan the road ahead and calculate the best and most safest way to bring the vehicle to a halt in the case of an emergency.

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