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Heathrow International Airport has one of the most sophisticated operations in the world. The operation which keeps the airport running every single day of the year, requires very sophisticated equipment. This equipment can be very hard to come by for the businesses which operate at the airport. That is why companies such as, Heathrow Rent A Truck have been rapidly expanding in recent years. Heathrow Rent A Truck are the specialists in providing aviation logistic companies with specialised vehicles for rental.

Heathrow Rent A Truck have recently acquired a brand new specialist vehicle called the Unit Loading Device Powered Roller Bed. This type of vehicle is used to rapidly load Air Cargo from handling agents to be transported air side at Heathrow and unload to the ramp agents, who load Air Cargo directly to aircraft.

With this new addition to the current fleet of ULD Powered Roller Beds, Heathrow Rent A Truck were inspired to make this new vehicle ‘stand out from the crowd’. With advances in technology, new digital print curtains have become available to businesses wanting to utilise the real estate that comes with trucks. This new type of truck curtain, digitally prints high resolution images and sign writing on to the curtains of all types of trucks. Heathrow Rent A Truck with their recent marketing initiatives, decided to invest in this technology for the new ULD Powered Roller Bed vehicle. The aim was to make the vehicle stand out from the rest of the trucks around the airport and to inform and educate the public on what the vehicle does as the roller bed is covered by a body.

Since being on the road, the truck has received considerable attention and a number of enquirers. This is a great example of effective marketing.

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