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Heathrow Airport have thousands of companies servicing the airport via commercial vehicles every day. This represents the large amount of businesses that operate within a close proximity to Heathrow Airport. At the time there was very few companies offering a commercial vehicle brake testing solution for the companies within that close proximity.

Heathrow Rent A Truck identified this gap in the market and realised that their site was perfectly
situated to offer customers commercial brake testing. The site allows for 24 hours 7 days a week
access with straight in and out manoeuvrability that suits large HGV vehicles.

The next step was a no brainer, Heathrow Rent A Truck decided to invest in their very own commercial vehicle brake testing facility to cater for businesses that operated commercial vehicles at Heathrow Airport. The investment included the acquisition of a state of the art MAHA brake rolling road, which can brake test any commercial vehicle up to the weight of 20 tonnes including HGV tractor units and HGV trailers. The brand new brake testing facility can also weigh in trailers and provide the option to adjust headlight alignment.

As the MAHA equipment is VOSA approved, once successful completion of the ten minute brake test you will be equipped with a certificate for your records assisting with fleet maintenance management.

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