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About Us

About Heathrow Rent A Truck

About Heathrow Rent A Truck

Heathrow Rent A Truck is a commercial vehicle hire specialist providing a fleet of vehicles for short and long term rental for Heathrow logistics 24/7.

Heathrow Rent A Truck maintains a fleet of commercial vehicles at the ready for immediate use. With our additional unique understanding to the needs of companies operating in and around Heathrow and the regulated secure environment, Heathrow Rent a Truck provides a range of commercial vehicles in full compliance with the aviation security regulated environment.

Heathrow Rent A Truck operates within the Mixed Freight group of companies from our 24/7 regulated site.
The Mixed Freight Services secure supply chain spans the Collection, Handling, Screening and Delivery of airfreight as a single seamless operation, including primary and secondary aviation cargo screening. Mixed Freight Services makes it easy to comply with the UK National Aviation  Security Programme.

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